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Maze Mandala Earrings - 18k Gold Plated

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 Maze Mandala earrings 18k Gold Plated with Crystal Stone

"Mandala” is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle". 

  • Height of pendant:19.98mm x 19.98mm / 0.78" x 0.78"

The Mandala earrings are made of 18k Gold Plated.

 Also check out the same earrings in Sterling Silver (0.925) 

To complete this dazzling look, add the Maze Mandala 18k Gold Plated with Crystal Stone Necklace and Maze Mandala 18k Gold Plated Crystal Stone Bracelet. 

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